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The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care provides the National Inpatient Medication Chart (NIMC) Audit System to assist Australian hospitals auditing their use of the NIMC. The System is designed for hospitals to record, store and report on NIMC audits. Regular auditing of the NIMC enables hospitals to;

  1. Identify areas of good medication management practice
  2. Focus on areas of practice requiring improvement
  3. Benchmark their NIMC use compared to peer and all other hospitals

Through the NIMC Audit System, Australian hospitals can participate in the NIMC National Audits. Australian hospitals can also use the NIMC Audit Website to undertake local audits, either using the full set of audit data elements, or through part audits focusing on specific areas. This can assist hospitals to measure specific interventions, for example improving recording of adverse drug reactions and allergies through the NIMC. Hospitals using the NIMC Audit System will accumulate their data and be able to measure practice over time. The NIMC is a key national medication safety initiative, and the Commission encourages Australian hospitals to audit their use of the NIMC to improve practice and to ensure national consistency. The data gathered will also guide future NIMC quality improvements and national communication activities. The Commission makes available a range of NIMC Audit support materials on its website including;

Future National NIMC audits (05 May 2017)

A number of requests for information about future national NIMC audits have been received into the NIMC audit mailbox.

Please be advised that the Commission will not be coordinating a national NIMC audit in 2017.

A number of reviews based on the NIMC audit are currently underway. These include a review of the administration of the system and a review of the questions and reports produced by the system. We hope that these reviews will simplify the process for registering to the system and the information reported, amongst a number of other benefits.

Notification of the next nationally coordinated audit will be circulated well in advance of the audit. In the interim, hospitals are encouraged to continue conducting their own 'local' audits on their NIMC charts using the current system.

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